Revealed: The UK Yearly Lottery Spend In Brief

We know that the odds of winning the lottery are millions to one. As the number of balls in the main games has increased, those odds have only got smaller. The major benefit is the increase in weekly prize fund for EuroMillions and National Lottery. It has also increased the number of roll overs. These small odds of winning has not deterred most people though. Collectively, we spend millions every year on the various lotteries. Including the main games, local lotteries, scratch cards and other draws, we can now reveal the UK yearly lottery spend. According to figures, the average player spends £416 every year.

UK Yearly Lottery Spend. How Much?

UK Yearly Lottery Spend Analysed

Broken down, the £416 UK yearly lottery spend works out at £8 per week or £34.67 per month. That means, on average, most people are playing two lines per Camelot National Lottery draw. But the £416 figure includes all lottery games including Health Lottery, local draws, EuroMillions and scratch cards, so resources are spread thinner than that. Far from the worry of an epidemic of gambling addiction, it seems the majority of people know their limit and stick to it. The same report found that 52% of players have never won a lottery prize. If you are one of these, the fact that you have not won does not mean that you will never win.

Although not the largest study into our lottery buying habits, it is interesting to have some of the lottery myths dispelled. The media presents stories of how lotteries suck in the low earners. As we have already discussed however, this is not true. The UK yearly lottery spend figures show that the majority of people are having fun and spending within their means. If you’re one of those unfortunate people who have never won a prize, don’t despair! After all, everybody has to start somewhere.

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