City Council Approves Gloucester Lottery

Powerball Magazine is always delighted to deliver stories of new lotteries. New millionaires emerge every week through big the national and international games. Yet the trend for 2016 is that players now seek alternative lottery options. Driven by a desire to shop local, this year is a good one for emerging local lotteries. We’ve covered some of these local lotteries already. Solent neighbours Southampton and Portsmouth are two great examples. Also, Aylesbury is a third recent example. And now we have another. On the 14th September, a city council meeting approved the rolling out a new Gloucester Lottery. Advocates touted the idea for weeks in the run up to the vote. Now, it finally has the go ahead.

Gloucester Lottery Set for 2017

By Bob Embleton, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Gloucester Lottery: The Essentials

We do not yet know the roll out date. At present, the top prize is £25,000 for the weekly draw. The council expected smaller prizes and details are forthcoming. However, only Gloucester residents are eligible to play the new Gloucester Lottery. Players enter online and the payment system will offer ease and flexibility. Players will have options for recurring payments of 3, 6 and 12 months. They may use a payment card or pay through direct debit details. Under the scheme, no claim is necessary. Emails will go out to winning players each week. Prize money transfers directly to a specified account. This saves the problems of players needing to state a claim with the management company, therefore reducing admin.

Gatherwell will run the project on behalf of the city council. Final details are still emerging, but causes throughout the city will benefit immensely. Further details of Gloucester Lottery are expected in the coming weeks. This will include a launch date. At this stage, it is unlikely to go live before Christmas 2016. Gloucester residents interested in the lottery should monitor local press for further details. The council will release information as and when it is available.

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