Furloughed Leicestershire Barman Wins £100k Lottery Prize

It’s almost a year since the first lockdown and the first anyone alive today heard the word “furlough.” For many people working in hospitality and leisure, that meant long-term time off work. The long-standing British tradition of going to the pub came to an end for several months. Sadly, some people lost their jobs but for most, it meant little to do until restrictions lifted. One furloughed Leicestershire barman, struck by a year of significant change in his career, recently experienced the best possible relief. He won £100,000 playing a National Lottery scratch card. After learning of the win, he said he “ran home like a schoolboy.”

About the Furloughed Leicestershire Barman

Jonny Wright works at the White Hart in Quorn, Leics. Earlier this month he bought a Win All scratchcard along with a drink and a snack at his local shop. When he scratched off the panel, he was shocked to see he’d won the top prize. That’s when he ran home like an excited schoolboy. The couple went public and at the publicity event, the furloughed Leicestershire barman admitted it had been a hard year. Not only did Jonny temporarily lose his job, but his wife Heather studied nursing during the most difficult time possible. At the time of first lockdown, they could not afford laptops to home school their children.

Furloughed Leicestershire Barman wins £100,000

With this fantastic prize, the furloughed Leicestershire barman can breathe a huge sigh of relief. When asked, they said they would fit new carpets in their home. They intend to take a staycation when leisure and tourism places re-open. In time, and safety permitting, they expect to take a foreign holiday. Winning a prize like this feels all the more sublime during a difficult phase. For this family, they have the comfort of knowing they can ride the storm. Best of luck to the Wrights!

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