Woman Who Couldn’t Afford Coffee “Would Buy Cafe”

You know things are bad when you’re so poor you couldn’t afford coffee. It’s one of life’s small luxuries that help us get through the day. Tea, coffee, chocolate, biscuits – we do like to treat ourselves once in a while. But one young mum was so desperately poor that coffee was out of the question. However when she recently won $20m AUD (around £10.9m) all that changed. She decided to maintain her anonymity but we do know she hails from Sydney and won the Division One game on Australia’s Powerball. However, she also won Division Two 19 times through Powerhit and bagged an extra $550,000.

Woman who couldn't afford coffee wins $20m AUD

Woman Who Couldn’t Afford Coffee Expresses Shock

The unnamed woman was shocked and couldn’t believe her luck – a common experience. It’s an unusual phenomena that people can’t believe it and won’t until the money goes in the bank. Amusingly, the woman who couldn’t afford coffee just a few days before kept checking her bank account. The last few years had been a struggle for the young family trying to juggle a difficult employment situation while bringing up a young family. It was so bad that her husband hunted for loose change around the home and in the car to scrape up enough to treat her to a coffee.

Joking during her post-win interview, she mused that she previously couldn’t afford coffee. She quipped that she might consider using the proceeds to buy a “whole cafe”. This is not an unusual thing to do even with such a big win. The rate of bankruptcy for lottery winner is so high as people spend it frivolously, which means financial destitution is all too common. Those who tend to do best with a big lottery win are those who invest it to ensure continued income. That can mean high interest accounts or, in some cases, a business.

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