Woman Quits Job and Wins Lottery the Next Day!

Quitting a job is a very tentative time. Some people do it because they feel their health is suffering. Others quit so they can travel the world. Others decide to take some time out and decide what to do next. While we all dream of winning the lottery and then quitting our jobs, in some cases it happens the other way around. The story of woman quits job is hardly groundbreaking news except when accompanied with a story of good fortune. Take the story of Yahnique, a recent $3.3m (£3m) winner in the US. She never dreamed of what would happen to her after her resignation.

woman quits job in nursing and THEN wins lottery

Woman Quits Job and Wins Big!

After working for many years as a nursing assistant, she decided to resign last month. Suffering burnout, she never imagined that leaving her job would bring anything except a break and perhaps a new lease of life. But for Yahnique, the decision proved fruitful as this story of “woman quits job” proved incredibly profitable. It’s the stuff of Hollywood, but Yahnique’s anxiety about getting another job all but disappeared with the enormous lottery win. Leaving a job can be a stressful decision, but when feeling burnt out as Yahnique did, it is sometimes the only decision.

Such a win can only feel sublime following a resignation. However, Yahnique is certainly counting her blessings. The first thing the family intends to do with the money is to pay off a few bills. They may buy a new house but their present home is in need of a few repairs. That too will be a top priority for the immediate future. One thing is for sure, though. Yahnique does not intend to go back to nursing – a job that had brought her so much job stress in recent times.

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