Wigan & Leigh Young Carers Honoured with Lottery Grant

Young carers are a vital part of the caring community, but many feel they don’t get the support they need. Around schooling, they do hard work looking after loved ones or helping primary carers. It’s problematic and something that successive governments have tried to tackle. Recently, the Health Lottery allocated almost £28k to Wigan & Leigh young carers for their two-year Healthy Mind, Healthy You programme. The organisation helps local people aged 14-24 remain physically and mentally health and ensure they have social activities and respite from their caring duties. Many service users are socially, physically, and emotionally isolated due to caring commitments. The charity aims to alleviate that.

Wigan & Leigh Young Carers Health Lottery Grant

Wigan & Leigh Young Carers receive new lottery cash boost

Such young careers tend to struggle to get or keep jobs. The youngest are particularly vulnerable, especially if they end up missing school because of their caring duties. The Wigan & Leigh Young Carers charity also aims to help them find employment and get on in the workplace. A mix of social and employment opportunities and variety in their life is vital to remaining physically and mentally prepared for their caring duties. The charity’s services include:

  • Peer support groups
  • Residential breaks for social activity with other young carers
  • Promoting friendships and connection for members
  • Goal setting and training on a range of issues

However, this is not the first cash boost for Wigan & Leigh Young Carers. The organisers and the service users are pleased to receive recognition for their great work once again. People’s Health Trust previously saw the great work they did and felt it was worth a further grant from the Active Communities Fund. This fund paid for through raising money from Health Lottery ticket sales invests in people, groups, communities and the vital work they do.

The Health Lottery is a great alternative to the National Lottery with a higher chance of winning smaller prizes.

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