Broken Watch Came at the Right Time

It’s frustrating when a piece of personal equipment breaks down. When it’s something vital like a clock or a watch, it’s a nuisance. But for one from Western Australia, that broken watch could not have come at a better time. This is why.

Broken Watch Leads to Lottery Win

The unnamed woman took her watch to be repaired. Worried about a big repair bill, she was surprised to learn the cost of the battery replacement was relatively cheap. Using the money she set aside for a larger bill, she decided to buy a scratchcard. It was that scratchcard that led to a lottery win.

Broken Watch Credited

Lottery winners regularly credit external forces with their lottery wins. If it isn’t God, it’s a pet dog, or the need to refuel that inspires them to buy a ticket. But this instance of a broken watch is probably the first time such a device became “responsible” for a lottery win. The unnamed woman claimed a $50,500 prize, approximately £26,700.

Describing the event as a spur of the moment decision during a planned trip to ascertain what was wrong with the watch, the Western Australia resident said it was the “best decision I ever made”. It just goes to show how such a lottery windfall can come out of the blue. They can happen to anybody at any time with no sense of deserving the money or needing it, although the needy and deserving do win to much relief.

When asked what she would spend the money on, the unnamed Western Australia resident said it would go towards paying off some debts. This includes clearing her mortgage. The rest she is setting aside for her children for a rainy day. Even a small amount of money like $50k AUD can help set our offspring up for life, giving them a good start.

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