£850k Lottery Grant for Young UK Trauma Sufferers

2019 has been all about mental illness and improving mental health. Across the board, people are more aware than ever before of the importance of good mental health on top of physical health. It’s well known that mental illness projects received the most cuts during the austerity years, having spent years underfunded. Now though, young UK trauma sufferers are about to get a lot more help courtesy of the Anna Freud Centre. The centre will not use the funding for direct mental health causes, but to the UK Trauma Council which will help communities understand the effects of trauma on children and young people.

Young UK Trauma Sufferers to receive help from the new UK Trauma Council.

How This Will Help Young UK Trauma Sufferers

The money will train professionals and community leaders deal with the impact of trauma. This includes ongoing life events (such as poverty, sexual abuse) and single traumatic events (losing family in road traffic accidents, terror attacks). Professionals can only help young UK trauma sufferers with the right equipment and training. This £850,000 will develop that training in a sustainable environment beneficial to service users and providers alike. However, some of the money will go towards developing skills sharing and information exchange. Those who work with traumatised young people benefit greatly from peer support and advice.

Two of the country’s foremost experts on childhood trauma head the UK Trauma Council. According to statistics, one in every three children will experience some kind of trauma by the time they reach adulthood. This can greatly impact development of young UK trauma sufferers as they transition into adulthood and form meaningful relationships. It can prove life-limiting without the right help. It may come as a surprise to note that prior to 2019, there was no such platform to help. Anna Freud Centre is just one of many now able to engage with and aid young people.

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