Warning of Oxford Fake Lottery Scam

Powerball Magazine enjoys informing readers about lottery winners. There’s also a feel good factor of highlighting how lottery funds are put to good use. Sadly, there is a dark side to lotteries: scams. Such scams have existed for as long as their has been lotteries. But as people become more aware of the old tricks, scammers develop new tricks. A fake lottery letter system is currently doing the rounds. The most recent report comes from Wheatley in Oxfordshire. However, the Oxford fake lottery scam has all the hallmarks of fraud of which players should be made aware. In the most recent case, an 89-year-old man was almost a victim of the scam.

New Oxford fake lottery scam

Beware the Oxford Fake Lottery Scam

The recent Oxford fake lottery scam letter told Mister Cherry he’d won £420,000 on the Health Lottery. The letter was convincing, he said. It contained lottery numbers, a serial number and a phone number to call. Concerned that it was sent in error, Mister Cherry called the number. But the person who picked up acted a bit odd and said they would phone Mister Cherry back. That call never came. Mister Cherry wants to warn people about such scam letters for lotteries they have never entered. Even with postcode based lotteries, the “winner” needs to have entered to claim a prize.

Although this is the first incident of an Oxford fake lottery scam, locals are warned to remain vigilant. Scams operate on requesting an administration or processing fee so the “winner” can claim their “prize”. Of course, they never see that money again. Luckily, Mister Cherry did not send any money. He was already on high alert and the shifty nature of the phone call appeared only to confirm his suspicions. If you ever receive a letter claiming you have won a lottery you are certain you never entered, contact Action Fraud.

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