Conscientious Delivery Driver Goes to Work on £1m Win

Nobody would blame us for not turning up to work after a big lottery win. However, no doubt we all like to think that we’d honour our work commitments. Not for all jobs, of course. But when the work matters or we feel an obligation because of the type of work we do, we may just be tempted to tie all the loose ends. For one man from Horley, there was no question that he would not fulfil his obligations. He’s a delivery driver and had parcels to delivery the next day. The conscientious delivery driver did just that – turned up for work. As a result, he made sure people expecting parcels on the day after the win received their goods.

What a Conscientious Delivery Driver He Is!

61-year-old Paul Trollope found out about his Euromillions win on the 1st March. He left it over the weekend until he returned to the shop where he bought the ticket. The cashier congratulated him on a £2.30 win before discretely handing the conscientious delivery driver a slip of paper stating CALL CAMELOT. He thought there was a problem with the ticket, confused about the cloak and dagger method. When the penny dropped he was overjoyed with the win.

Conscientious Delivery Driver Will Go Fishing

But the win was not the only thing on his mind that day. His first thought was the treat himself to a luxury £3,000 fishing rod. He intends to go fishing in Canada when he has the chance. His next thought was the parcels he was supposed to deliver. By now, his colleagues knew about the win and they were surprised to see him for his shift that night. The nature of the short notice win meant that our conscientious delivery driver was going to work for the last time even though colleagues had planned for his work to be redistributed.

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