Sixth Big Winner for Luckiest Irish Shop

There are many contenders for the title of the luckiest Irish shop. A year ago, we brought news of a store that has sold three major lottery winning tickets. But recently, it came to light that there is a shop even luckier than that. This shop in Gort, Co Galway lays claim to no fewer than six winning tickets. News & Views on Bridge Street most recently sold a ticket that led to a €1.6m win (£1.43m) for the buyer. All of the major wins have come in the last 15 years, fast surpassing all other claimants to Ireland’s luckiest lottery outlet.

Euromillions Luckiest Irish Shop

The Luckiest Irish Shop

They sold their first major prize ticket in 1992. Then there was nothing until 2005, then 2006 and 2007. Until the most recent win in September, the last big winner was in 2012. The current manager of the luckiest Irish shop admitted to having no idea as to the identity of the winner. He did, however, express his desire that the winner was a regular customer. At the time of going to press, the winner had not come forward. Lottery HQ asked players to check their tickets as a matter of urgency. Although they have many months to claim, the longer a claim is left the greater the chance of a lost ticket.

Six big wins from one shop may seem unusual, but it’s important to remember that visiting specific shops to buy tickets does not guarantee a win. There is no guarantee that the shop will ever see another big win, no more than any other. Randomness is often distinct in that it is not particularly random. There will always be patterns for players to find and ascribe meaning. Whatever you do, however you play the lottery, try not to put too much stock in lucky places or numbers and continue to enjoy!

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