Sea Shanty Group Lottery Money Gone for a Song

The words might not quite go £30k from the Health Lottery. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum. For one sea shanty group based in Wavesney, we’re sure they’ve already tried a few words along those lines. Believing in the communal and mental health benefits of music, and after witnessing the success of a group from Exmouth, Devon, there is a new society based in the east of England. Called Rogues Shanty Chorus, they want to connect younger people with fishermen and other seafarers through folk festivals. They’ve just received £30k to help them achieve this.

What the Sea Shanty Group Hopes to Achieve

Part of the Voice Cloud in Suffolk, the new sea shanty group aims to keep traditions going. The seafaring way of life has declined since the industrial age. Long sea voyages are limited to some commercial trade were flight is impractical, and pleasure cruises. The age of sail will never return but humanity’s need for the oceans and its resources will never fade either. We still extract minerals, harvest fish, sponge, and other life and our vital fishing fleet helps us do that. Singing is communal, and helps foster a sense of belonging. It’s also good for both physical and mental health – and fun!

Communal choirs have grown in the last ten years with sea shanty groups appearing around our coastal communities. Some resorts have dedicated sea shanty festivals that help people understand the importance of the resort and the songs. However, sea shanties have a functional role too – the lyrics form a bond between shipmates. Secondly, it builds rhythm for those important group tasks aboard a ship. When a group of people sing in time, they work in time. A boat/ship functions flow quickly and with fewer errors. Most people know some shanties. Why not visit Rogues Shanty Chorus to hear more?

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