Man Wins Second Major Australian Jackpot

Everyone dreams of winning a big lottery prize. Some are confident enough of winning again. The universe has no memory. Winning a big lottery prize doesn’t mean you won’t win another big prize. That’s happened recently to one Australian man. On the 30th of December 2019, the unnamed man came forward to claim a nearly $2m (£1.1m) prize. At the time of the claim, he informed lottery organisers that he felt extremely lucky. The reason was that this was not the first time he’d won a large lottery prize. It was the second and he’s celebrating once more.

Second Major Australian Jackpot Means Celebration

It Was His Second Major Australian Jackpot

Nevertheless, our multimillionaire was delighted with the win. His second major Australian jackpot means he can rest a little easier. He shared the prize with four other people, each getting around $2m AUD each from the Division 1 winnings. He’s considering early retirement which he can now do comfortably. We don’t know anything about the man as he did not want publicity. Nevertheless, he spoke to the media and released some personal information. We know he is from Nerang in Queensland. He has a family and we know he will treat them with his winnings. But beyond that, we know nothing.

Readers surprised at one man winning a second major Australian jackpot shouldn’t be. Chance is chance. It seems unlikely that the same person with millions to one odds against something happening would experience the same thing twice. Yet happen twice it has and it can happen to you too. In a world of infinite possibilities, anomalies are possible. That’s why we regularly see stories of cancer patients getting the all clear and winning the lottery the same day. It’s why people win the lottery the first time they play. Some might point to beginners luck or karma but reality is weirder than fiction.

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