New UK Scam Claims Links With The Martins

Buyer beware. Malwarebytes released details of yet another scam doing the rounds in the UK. As demonstrated previously, scammers are changing tactic. In many cases, they are now citing links to famous lottery winners or big events. A new scam claims links with the Martins that is just not true. In 2015, David and Carol Martin won £33m on the national lottery. The case was famous as it was previously falsely claimed by a woman who said that she had put the ticket through the wash. The Martins turned out to be one of the real winners from that draw.

scam claims links with the Martins

Scam Claims Links With The Martins “Charity Fund”

It is said that a lie is easy to conceal inside a truth. The current internet scam claims links with the Martins charity “The Martin Family Foundation”. The truth is that this charity does exist. It does a lot of important community work in the US. Yet the famed lottery winners have nothing to do with the American based charity. Playing on these truths, the scammers have come up with an email claiming that they represent the charity and that the Martins lottery winners set it up. If you receive an email like this, do not click the link and certainly do not fill out the information that they request.

Thanks to a crackdown on scammers, and players becoming more aware, they have had to up their game in recent months. This latest scam claims links with the Martins, and name dropping is another in a long line of ways to attempt to trick people out of money. The email has a link to a Daily Mail article on the two winners but once again, the three are unconnected. As ever, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.

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