Quarters Paid for Quarter Million Winning Ticket

Everyone jokes about change down the back of the sofa paying for a meal. Some even say they have enough rolling around the car for this month’s mortgage payment. While few people will have lots of dropped money in unusual places, it can surprisingly add up. Take the case of on American man who cleared out his car of quarters (25c pieces) and spent it on a lottery ticket. That pile of quarters led to a quarter million winning ticket. The irony was not lost on the winner.

Quarter million winning ticket won with quarters

The Quarter Million Winning Ticket Won With Quarters

The unnamed Chapin (South Carolina) resident vacuumed his car out in early February; he found $5 in quarters. Rather than putting it aside for a rainy day, he decided to put it all together and try his luck on a scratchcard. He chose the Maximum Money game, costing $5 per ticket. Just as well he did because the $5 in change found in the car led to a quarter million winning ticket. He bought the ticket, after which it became clear he’d won a substantial prize. Then he took the ticket to the cashier to check and anxiously wait. The cashier confirmed the $250,000 win – not bad for trading in a pile of quarters!

When asked, the quarter million winning ticket holder said he had a few debts to clear. He also intended to give some money to family members currently struggling financially. Finally, some of the money will go towards a personal treat and “do something fun”. However, he did not say at the time what that would entail. Most winners naturally look at new cars, holidays, and even a new home. But you will also be surprised at the simple investment people sometimes purchase with their lottery wins. Take the case of the lottery winner whose top priority was new hips, for example.

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