National Theatre of Scotland Thanks EuroMillions Winners

We already understand the important money lottery games raise for good causes. We also hear many stories of charities benefiting directly from lottery winners. In the past, we have brought you stories of local communities receiving new fire stations, amongst other things. The National Theatre of Scotland recently welcome a substantial donation from two of its most famous EuroMillions lottery winners. Chris and Colin Weir, two of Britain’s wealthiest lottery winners gave the NTS some £1m towards a project to convert a disused Glasgow warehouse into custom rehearsal facilities.

National Theatre of Scotland now has new rehearsal facilities

National Theatre of Scotland £1m Better Off Thanks to the Weirs

Earlier in the year, National Theatre of Scotland launched a campaign to raise money. The abandoned Glasgow warehouse seemed ideal, but it needed a lot of work to ensure it could be useful long term. Come forward the Weirs who, in 2011, won an enormous £161m on the EuroMillions. They have not been shy of the limelight, having supported many worthy causes across Scotland. In June, they made a substantial donation to Partick Thistle Academy for young player development. It is not the first and unlikely to be the last time these generous lottery winners use their cash to help others.

The new facilities (called Rockvilla and located on Speirs Wharf) opened this month. National Theatre of Scotland were full of praise for the couple who helped make the project possible. Speaking at the grand opening, the Weirs said that they hoped NTS would attract even bigger and better acts. It’s already a prestigious theatre, of course. However, the money will help put it onto the world stage as for superior arts entertainment. £6.5 was donated overall. £3m came from the Scottish government and the rest from public fundraising. This also raised the profile of the Vacant And Derelict Land Fund. This charity helps disused buildings and land find a new lease of life.

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