Milton Keynes Disadvantaged Children Lottery Cash Boost

Stories of arts and heritage projects regularly feature on this site. However, the various National Lottery schemes have demonstrated once again how vital they are to disadvantaged communities. One such project, called Youth Starz and run by Service Six, helps Milton Keynes disadvantaged children. It has just received a lottery boost of £324,700 following a good year. However, the difference here is that organisers consulted potential service users prior to submitting their application. There are severe shortfalls in funding for disadvantaged children and, arguably, the situation is getting worse in these austere times.

Milton Keynes Disadvantaged Children To Receive Lottery Money

By Paul Harrop, CC BY-SA 2.0,

About The Milton Keynes Disadvantaged Children

This is a tremendous amount of money to help Milton Keynes disadvantaged children. How will Service Six use this lottery money?

  • Physical activities including sports clubs.
  • As a result, they will set up a new football academy.
  • Clubs that develop personal skills such as cookery clubs, arts and crafts.

And the best news about this is that the groups will be free. Families of disadvantaged and vulnerable children often do not have the money for social activities. We all understand how important socialising is from a young age. In an age of government cuts, such grants are vital for disadvantaged communities. Consequently, charities and bursary schemes will fill the gap. This noney for Milton Keynes disadvantaged children will benefit 350 individuals aged between 4 and 19.

For long term investment, organisers hope that the children receiving help will eventually lead the scheme. This is not the first scheme for Service Six and they have experienced great success in the past. For the last few years, they have organised parent and toddler groups in Milton Keynes. Other schemes a homework club, holiday club and coffee mornings. Now, they want to help raise Milton Keynes disadvantaged children aspirations for a bright and happy future.

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