Man Wins Scratchcard Prize Exactly Double Past Prize Win

Almost every day, somebody somewhere wins a lottery prize. Small prizes are common, large prizes are not. That’s a fact of life. But how many people win two medium sized prizes several years apart? Quite a few although the odds are getting longer by this point. What are the odds of a case where a man wins scratchcard prize double the value of a previous prize? James Blanchette from Maryland, USA, did just that. In June, he collected a $50k prize on the Diamonds scratch card game. It was not his first visit. Just two years prior, he won $25k from the same organiser on a different scratchcard game.

Man Wins Scratchcard Prize, the second of recent

Man Wins Scratchcard Prize Exactly Double of Previous Prize

When anyone wins scratchcard prize of any value, it’s always an exciting time. A $25k win (around £19k) is not to be sniffed at. Most people, we would assume, would think that was their lot. The chances of winning a prize are low, after all, that we’d assume no other big prize was coming. It’s important not to fall into the Gambler’s Fallacy trap. Just because you have had one moderate win, it doesn’t mean a second wouldn’t be due. That was Mr Blanchette’s logic who kept playing anyway. His patience paid off and he won the $50k (£38k) earlier this year.

When asked what he would do with the money, Mr Blanchette said he would pay off remaining debts and put some in savings. The rest would go towards some personal treats. If you are ever in a situation where you have a good win, there is no reason to stop playing. Most do because they’ve won a substantial prize. But try your luck. Maybe the next article about “X Wins Scratchcard Prize” (or lottery prize etc) might feature your name.

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