Lottery Boost for North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Railways heritage enthusiasts celebrated in August at hearing of a lottery cash injection for the prestigious line. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway was the proud recipient of some £4.6m for its upkeep. This is just half of the money required for the long-term sustainability of NYMR however, according to project managers. The managing organisation receives no money from the government. It relies on 350,000 passengers each year, donations to the charity, retail sales and other fundraising methods. The charity employs 100 paid employees and 1,000 volunteers striving to ensure the long-term survival of the heritage line.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

About North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Railways inspire young and old alike, looking back to a time of technological wonder. Something about steam trains excites us that most can’t define. It’s why so many heritage railways remain at the forefront of industrial heritage. The line owns the bridges, track and engines, spending more than £1m every year in upkeep costs alone. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) is an 18-mile stretch of track linking Pickering with Whitby. The £9m raised will go towards a number of improvements and upgrades, including:

  • The repair of several dilapidated bridges along the route. Some may need replacing
  • Improving accessiblity for all passengers
  • Building of a covered stable to house the engines and carriages, protecting them from the elements
  • Convert a carriage to one designed for education of school group visitors
  • A new hostel for volunteers
  • New initiatves to invest in the future of volunteering for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
  • Initiate apprenticeship programmes to train young people to work in many aspects of heritage railways
  • Promote the need for public care towards the tracks and associated structures along the route

However, it is important for visitors to continue visiting the site. Without the large numbers of passengers and visitors each year, the railway could not survive.

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