Euromillionaires Donate to Help Young People Visit Greenland

The Weirs are at it again! This year, they’ve helped Partick Thistle and the National Theatre of Scotland. Now, their generosity continues with a donation to help young people visit Greenland. The scheme, set up to help 14-17 year olds with emotional problems, uses character-building excursions and holidays. Young people who use the scheme learn important life skills and grow their confidence. The charity known as The Polar Academy has been around for some time. The Weir’s substantial donation of £60,000 through their Weir Charitable Trust will help them continue and extend their work.

Help Young People Visit Greenland

Weirs to Help Young People Visit Greenland

Life-changing experiences, companionship and making new friends help young people with emotional needs. The typical profile of a user of their services has mental health problems or otherwise feel invisible in school. They suffer from stress, anxiety, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Largely, they help young people visit Greenland but may expand their services to other places in the future. The charity has already organised many successful projects over their lifetime, building life skills and confidence. It is this desire to help a charity that has already helped so many that inspired the Weirs to donate to fund more trips in the future.

The programme pushes students to their physical and mental limits, inspiring confidence and instilling a “can do” attitude for the future. The route the student follow is a 100km trek across eastern Greenland pulling their kit on sledges. Braving sub zero temperatures that the typical Brit is not used to, it focuses on the importance of achievement. The charity aims to help young People visit Greenland. but it is not a holiday – it is a vital experience to help them grow as adults. In the long term, these invisible young people expect to gain many positives from the trip.

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