Loteri Cymru: Details Released

Last week, organisers released details of the Loteri Cymru. This new lottery for Wales will start selling tickets on the 10th April. The first draw is scheduled for the 28th of the month. While other local lotteries work like a raffle with a unique code, this lottery for Wales will follow the standard plan. S4C, Wales major dedicated TV channel, will broadcast the draw, They air shows in the Welsh language. Players must choose five numbers from 39; organisers say that players have a one in nine chance of winning something. But how could this possibly be?

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The Loteri Cymru in Depth

The maximum prize of the Loteri Cymru is £25,000. This is the maximum permissible. A minimum 20% of the money raised will go to grassroots organisations across Wales. A charity has already been established to enable this. The reason the chances of winning is so good is that each player who does not win the jackpot is entered into an extra draw to win monthly prizes. Tickets will cost just £1, making it not only cheaper than most (with a few exceptions) but having amongst the best odds of a win. But why would you want to play the Welsh Lottery?

The growth of local lotteries is hardly surprising. They allow players to indirectly support causes in their local areas. Certainly, the big national causes that the Camelot draw supports are worthy, but some people are more locally-minded. They want to support social care and local charities that go to people around them. Players feel they can make a real difference to the town, city or county. The Loteri Cymru will support causes across Wales and the Isle of Anglesey, ensuring support and regeneration for Welsh communities. The higher chance of winning a smaller prize is also a great draw for some players.

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