Hurricane Matthew Victim wins $2m Powerball

How many stories of good karma have we brought you over the last few years? Quite a few by our count. If it isn’t tenants facing eviction, it’s victims of forest fires. We’ve also brought multiple stories of people losing homes in hurricane winning substantial sums of money. Well, here is another one. Anthony Felder from Lumberton in North Carolina is a Hurricane Matthew victim. His house experienced severe damage in 2016 that has not yet been repaired. However, in early February, all that pain and heartache changed when he won over $2m on the American lottery “Powerball”. That’s around £1.46m.

Hurricane Matthew Victim Wins Lottery

About the Hurricane Matthew Victim Lottery Winner

Felder’s house was not as badly damaged as some – and at least he had a home to go back to. Nevertheless, a damaged home in need of repair means a lot of life disruption. In this case, our Hurricane Matthew victim needed new floors and insulation following severe flooding. He counted his blessings at the time, realising it could be much worse. However, the money came at an opportune moment during repairs. They can now fix the house and put some more of the money towards doing up other areas of their home.

He’d just left the barber’s shop when he needed the toilet. Stopping at the first store he came across, our Hurricane Matthew victim decided to buy a lottery ticket. He spent just $3 US (around £2.20) on the ticket and put it in his bag. When he later heard that somebody from his town (Lumberton) had won, he got a feeling the winner was his ticket. He was not wrong. The numbers on his ticket matched all 5 drawn numbers. As well as repairs and upgrades to his home damaged during the hurricane, he intends to buy a new F-150 truck. After taxes, he took home a cool $1.41m (around £1.01m).

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