Another Cash-Strapped Person Wins Lottery

It’s enough to make you believe in karma, isn’t it? Earlier this month, we brought news of a Nigerian lottery winner who desperately needed the money. Now, a similar story from the US is repeating the good karma. The woman from Clarkston in Michigan is the latest “cash-strapped person wins lottery” story. After becoming a full-time carer for her mother last year, 2018 got off to a bad start. Shawna Donnelly even faced the prospect of losing her home due to unpaid bills. Unable to leave her mother and unable to afford a carer, it’s been a stressful time. And yet…

Cash-Strapped Person Wins Lottery Top $390,000 Prize

Many people who buy lottery tickets have money worries that they hope will ease their concerns. To the rest of us, it can elicit feelings of pleasure and the hope that we too will one day experience the same joy. Shawna played the Michigan Lottery in the middle of Jan, hoping for just a small prize to ease her worries. But little did she know that her fortunes were about to change. Her prize was to receive $25,000 (around £18,000) every year for life. Instead she chose the lump sum, a grand total of $390,000 (£280,000 approx). On a hunch, she woke up in the middle of the night – feeling both surprise and relief at her win.

She can now choose to invest the lump sum as she sees fit. No doubt her first thoughts will be to look after her mother and pay off the debts that almost left her homeless. It also means she can affordably work part-time and take plenty of time off to help her mum. When a cash-strapped person wins lottery prizes of this size, it can feel particularly sublime. Shawna intends to invest the money wisely after she’s bought a house and a car, to put aside money for the lean times.

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