Heritage Boost for Plymouth Thanks To HLF

Plymouth is the latest recipient of funding from National Lottery’s HLF. The city has a a rich and varied history and now hopes to become an important destination for local history researchers. The £14.8m grant is expected to boost visitors in the long run. Plymouth remains an important military port and historic city today. It is the place from where the Pilgrim Fathers set off for the American colonies. To the west is The Tamar Bridge, the main crossing point between Devon and Cornwall. The city council has welcomed this new heritage boost for Plymouth.

Heritage Boost for Plymouth

By Bex Ross from London, UK – Plymouth Barbican Photomerge, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4326932

Heritage Boost for Plymouth Details

Plymouth recently received a grant of £14.8m for a major maritime city project. The final cost is expected to be £22m. However, the city council will provide the £8m shortfall and take charge of the project administration. The heritage boost for Plymouth will improve tourist visitors, and will also encourage researchers to visit too. The two main sites for the city’s project is Central Library and the Museum & Art Gallery. The third, interestingly, is St Luke’s Church.

  • Plymouth and West Devon Records Office.
  • South West Film and Television Archive.
  • South West Image Bank.
  • Local maps and newspapers, and details of folklore tales and songs.
  • Art, human history and natural history collections.

These are regionally important collections. The new facilities will open in 2020, a year that is especially relevant. Why> Consequently, it is the year of the 400th Mayflower anniversary. The new space will include a public square, improved exhibition space and some permanent galleries. The Heritage Boost for Plymouth is the next stage in a major overhaul. So far, the city has received impressive regeneration to the harbour area. The Barbican harbour has regular public events. The National Marine Aquarium draws visitors from all over the country too.

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