Friends of 50 Years Split Huge Lottery Win

A big lottery win can bring out the worst in people. Gentleman’s agreements go out of the window and a handshake means nothing in a law court. Thankfully, cases where families split and friendships end over a lottery win are few and far between. One recent case where two Canadian friends of 50 years shared the top prize, highlighted how important human bonds are. When friends agree to share proceeds, it makes one feel good about humanity. These two friends have been through the wars and the date of the win was hugely significant.

Friends of 50 Years Win $2m CAD

Friends of 50 Years celebrate Canadian lottery win

Susan Hook and Martha McCallum currently live together. This arrangement has been in place since they were both widowed. Their bond is close and the friends of 50 years had no doubt about sharing prizes. So when they recently won $2m CAD (£1.22m) they knew exactly what to do. The first step was to plan a holiday together and live a comfortable life. They moved in together out of necessity after both were widowed but can now rest easy that they have some money to live on. They plan to travel and will live a comfortable life. Neither had plans for “anything flashy”.

Most poignant was the significance of the date – 17th August. The friends of 50 years remember all too well the day Susan Hook’s husband died. It was that exact same date years before. They feel the win is significant and not a coincidence taking place on the same date. Commenting, they said they had a cry together in memory and in celebration. Then they decided to open a bottle of wine. There are no plans to live separately even though the money allows it. Stories like this warm the heart and make us realise just how life-changing a lottery win can be beyond the merely financially.

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