Colin Weir Football Philanthropy Shoots for Africa

Colin Weir is no stranger to philanthropy, nor to helping out grass roots football programmes. Once famed for helping out his beloved Partick Thistle Football Club, now he’s looking elsewhere. The next step for Colin Weir football philanthropy is Africa. In August, The Colin Weir Foundation made a substantial donation to a charity called Africa on the Ball. Based in Zambia, it promotes a number of issues for local children. While helping children out of poverty and potentially look at a career in The Beautiful Game, it’s already making great strides towards its goals.

About Colin Weir Football Philanthropy

Colin Weir football philanthropy heads to Africa

Among the aims of the charity that Colin Weir football philanthropy supports is gender equality. It also seeks to improve general well being and health of children in the world’s most impoverished continent. There is also a substantial education programme. It’s broader aim is to create a great community sports club for Africa. The long term goal is for Africa on the Ball to become the “best community sports club in the world”. Children who may not make it as pro sportspeople will gain some help in improving their lives either way. It is this scheme that attracted Colin Weir to help. A genuine football lover, he recently made a £15k donation to African on the Ball charity.

The club’s foundation is solidly democratic and communal. The ownership is an elected council. For any sold players, the transfer fees are put straight back into the club for the benefit of the wider community. There is also scholarship fund to help children finish schooling, and food aid programmes to ensure the community users are well-fed for their general health. What’s more, players are encouraged to engage in outreach to other communities such as local schools and orphanages. This ensures long-term active engagement and use of the facilities.

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