EuroMillions Millionaire Academy Helps Winners Cope

You might naturally assume that a millionaire EuroMillions winner won’t need much help. After all, when you have it all, there is not much to worry about. You would be wrong, however. Camelot and other EuroMillions partners have a well-established “school” for winners called EuroMillions Millionaire Academy. Jane Wyatt, a £1m winner from Manchester whose last minute purchase led to the win, is a recent “graduate” of the academy. Speaking to local media, Jane Wyatt revealed some of the subjects covered at the academy.

How to Choose a Private Jet - One of the lessons at EuroMillions Millionaire Academy

About EuroMillions Millionaire Academy

Set up to help big winners spend their money wisely, it is a mix of fun & games and serious discussion about windfalls. If you’re ever lucky enough to be a student of EuroMillions Millionaire Academy, you will learn many things:

  • How to choose a luxury car or charter a private jet
  • Identifying and choosing from the range of champagnes
  • Translating posh menus into plain English
  • Holiday destinations and how to choose the right hotel(s)
  • How to gift wrap cars

While this all may seem a little self-indulgent, there are serious educational elements too. Many people want to set up charities. The EuroMillions Millionaire Academy helps them do so effectively and sustainably. Statistics show that many people simply cannot cope with big wins. A number of lottery millionaires are now bankrupt after spending it all in a short time. One famous pools winner from the 1970s was so famous that a theatre company write a stage play about her.

Ultimately, the school is about helping lottery winners enjoy their win. That means handling some important subjects about spending wisely, and enjoying what they have. When money is no object, it’s easy to just go out and buy all the things you never thought you would afford. It’s easy to get caught up in the win; that’s why the EuroMillions Millionaire Academy is so important.


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