Couple Engaged Four Years Marrying Thanks to Lottery Win

Since the dawn of modern lotteries, people have won prizes large enough to realise their dreams. From around-the-world holidays to fulfilling lifelong ambitions, vital medical treatment and setting up charities, lottery wins help people. A regular response to “what happens now” is “marriage”. Couples in long-term engagements have been able to finally marry, using their win to fund the happy day. Now a North Carolina couple engaged four years will finally organise their wedding day. It’s an exciting time coming on the back of a $100,000 win (around £80,000). Beyond their wildest dreams, Jeremy McLean and Heidi Hobbs now have a wedding to plan.

Couple Engaged Four Years

Couple engaged four years can now get married thanks to lottery win

McLean is an electrician and in these trying financial times, they struggled to find the money to pay for the wedding. So they got engaged and waited. The couple engaged four years were prepared to wait as long as possible before they had the money to pay for it all. In early August 2019 though, McLean stopped at local store for a cold drink. While there, he decided to try his luck with a $20 scratchcard. That didn’t win and before leaving the store’s car park, the couple decided to have another punt. They got out of the car and purchased another ticket.

At this point, anybody might have been concerned at spending $20 (£16) on a scratchcard. However, the couple engaged four years felt compelled. It is lucky he did go back into the store because the second card was a winner, claiming the $100k prize. Speaking to the press, McLean and Hobbs said they had no desire for a fancy wedding despite the enormous prize making such an event possible. They intend to use the money wisely, spend some of it on the wedding and set the rest aside to build a new life. The ticket was for NC’s State Education Lottery.

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