£3.3m Community Fund for Rank Foundation

The economic situation of the last 10 years has created a unique situation. Everyone is expected to do more with less. Graduates struggle to enter their chosen careers. Those of lower educational attainment are feeling the pinch. In all this, there is a growing need for employees at all levels to enter the third sector, also known as the charity or non-profit sector. Now, Rank Foundation, a charity trust promoting enterprise and small business is celebrating receiving £3.3m. The National Lottery community fund for Rank Foundation will help underemployed people enter gainful employment in the charitable sector. Their Time to Shine programme will fund work places and paid work.

Community Fund for Rank Foundation worth £3.3m

About the Community Fund for Rank Foundation

Despite that the unemployment figures seem low, a large number of people are in jobs with insufficient hours. Many are overqualified for their current roles. That is why the community fund for Rank Foundation programmes is so vital right now. The £3.3m will go towards training for people in need of full time work. At the same time, it will address skills shortages for those in or seeking work in the charitable sector. It’s an ideal situation as charities have traditionally struggled to attract high quality talent. Training people to work in these areas and give them the relevant skills kills two birds with one stone.

The Community fund for Rank Foundation will address issues for smaller charities. Small and medium non-profits and social foundations struggle, not just against the private sector, but also against larger charities. Bigger foundations have the resources and skills to recruit and train highly-skilled people. It is this shortfall they want to address. Rank Foundation began in Northern Ireland, and that has been its home for many years. However, with this new £3.3m fund, it can expand its operations across the UK.

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