Brighton Jobless Charities Lottery Cash Injection

The job market is still a difficult place for some people. Many still need a helping hand and have done so since 2008. The growth of employment and training charities is a real growth area today and many more people rely on them than did 10 years ago. Now, five Brighton jobless charities covering Brighton and Hove, shared £412,000 from National Lottery and EU funding. The money will help jobless adults find work, and provide training to help people find work. The five charities are Community Works, Hangleton and Knoll Project, Bridge Community Education Centre, Workers’ Education Association, and Whitehawk Inn.

Brighton Jobless Charities get lottery fund

Brighton Jobless Charities Employment Scheme

The money is a joint scheme between the BLF and the European Social Fund. But how will the five Brighton jobless charities use the money? The £412,000 will be invested in finding internships and training schemes for long-term unemployed adults. However, jobs is not the only target area. The charities hope to provide education and jobs information. The new schemes will launch 1st December 2016 and run through to February 2019. This is the first time the five separate charities will work together on their common cause and will integrate some services. They hope by pooling efforts, that they will help more people and deliver more services.

Community Works will lead the project and decide how resources are used. The prestigious local charity presently helps some 500 local groups helping to improve the lives of local people. The five Brighton jobless charities cover different areas. In bringing effort and knowledge together, Community Works expects a more efficient service overall. Hangleton and Knoll Project, for example, aid the disadvantaged access services. They specialise in helping ethnic minorities with health and social issues. In addition, they offer classes for groups with poor IT knowledge. The Worker’s Education Association provides training courses for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and with disabilities.

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