Cleaner Scooped Double Thunderball Due to Mistake

Have you ever accidentally bought the same lottery numbers twice for the same draw? If so, you aren’t the first and you likely won’t be the last. It happens regularly. In fact, we recently brought you a story of an Australian resident winning a double jackpot. Guess what? It’s happened again; this time to one British cleaner. While most top prize lottery winners just win the same amount, on a game with a cap it leads to a double win. That happened earlier this month when one cleaner scooped double Thunderball top prize by mistake. Now she will retire after taking home two £500,000 prizes.

How A Cleaner Scooped Double Thunderball and Won a Million

It’s easily done – when buying her Thunderball entry lines, Gayle Say duplicated one of the lines. She almost asked the shop where she bought the ticket to cancel it. She decided against a refund; just as well because the winning line was how the cleaner scooped double Thunderball top prize of £500,000. That’s an incredible £1m from the UK National Lottery’s second most popular game. But fate decided to smile on Gayle Say that day because she won on another three lines – £5,000, £20 and £10 respectively. That’s quite a win.

Cleaner Scooped Double Thunderball after mistake

The cleaner scooped double Thunderball in an incredible draw and now intends to retire on the money. They could hardly believe their luck as they realised they’d won on four separate lines after years of winning nothing. Gayle first checked the numbers then passed her phone to her husband to check. Gayle is 56 and her husband is Philip 65; a former builder, he retired earlier this year. They plan to enjoy their retirement in comfort and put deposits down on houses for each of their children. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Other family members who rent will also receive help.

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