Christmas Lottery Win Credited to Departed Daughter

A Christmas lottery win is something we have all no doubt dreamed about. It’s the best time of the year for many people and for many reasons. But for Stephen and Lesley Schiltz from Pontardawe, Wales, it was a dream come true. They purchased their ticket in the run up to Christmas for a draw just days before the big day. They didn’t check their tickets at the time. When they heard of a £1m win somewhere in Wales, they felt compelled to do so. Neither suspected they were the winners, but they were.

Christmas Lottery Win for Wales couple was the best gift from Father Christmas

On the day they discovered the win, Stephen asked the shop assistant to phone his wife. He was so excited about the win that he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Initially, Lesley thought it was a joke as he has always played practical jokes about winning the lottery. The first thought was a trip to Australia for their Christmas Lottery Win. But soon their thoughts turned to something more poignant.

Deceased Daughter Credited With Christmas Lottery Win

Tragically in 2008, their 16-year-old daughter Theresa passed away. She had a heart attack brought on by a rare disease called cardiomyopathy. They have always felt Theresa was watching over them. Signs from their guardian angel recently included the purchase of a Land Rover which they were pleased to discover contained her date of birth in its number plate. Yet this family Christmas lottery win has confirmed what Lesley always felt – that she is smiling down on them. Stephen was less certain, but now feels his wife is correct.

For his part, Stephen wished in his cab after hearing there was a £1m winner in Wales that it was him. A few days later, he discovered precisely that. For this family, a 2019 Christmas wish came true. Happy New Year!

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