Christmas in Barbados for Lucky Irish Winner

One Irish family will spend Christmas in Barbados following a cool €5.8m (£5.1m) lottery win. It couldn’t have been a better end to the year after the big win. Not only will they pay off their mortgage, they will now get to spend the festive season enjoying a Caribbean winter sun holiday. Choosing to protect their anonymity, the delighted winner said they were not considering retirement just yet. However, the unnamed winner did say that early retirement was on the cards. But first things first. He or she and their family have the holiday of a lifetime to enjoy.

Christmas in Barbados for recent lottery winner

It’s Christmas in Barbados for Lottery Winner

A few days passed before the winner remembered they’d bought a ticket on 25th November. Only when they heard an announcement on the radio did they check. Imagine their surprise to discover they’d won such an enormous prize? Their first thought turned to paying off debts and then to Christmas in Barbados. The lucky winner did state that they intend to work a little longer first and then take early retirement. It is not known what he/she does for a living but clearly they enjoy and value their job enough to want to stay working.

But what will the lucky winner do when spending Christmas in Barbados with family? It is one of the most popular winter sun destinations. Located in the tropics, it enjoys warm weather most of the year round. The best months to go are December-April (considered peak season). June-November is hurricane season. It’s warm balmy seas offer a range of beach choices. But those who prefer a more active holiday are not left feeling bored. Museums, parks, gardens and towering Anglican churches make it seem like a hotter home away from home. Explore caves and gorgeous coastal landscapes too along with some modern history.

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