Cancer Patient Won Lottery $200k Prize

For any cancer patient, the final chemo session is nothing but a relief. The hope that your cancer is gone for good comes with all sorts of emotions. Ronnie Foster from North Carolina was on his way to a final chemo treatment when good luck struck. This is the incredible story of how a cancer patient won lottery major prize in the US. It makes us want to believe in a form of justice in the world. For Mister Foster, a big lottery win could not have come at a better time. Not only was he looking forward to his cancer being in remission, but he won a large lottery prize on the same day.

Cancer Patient Won Lottery Day of his Last Chemo Treatment

$200k Up: Cancer Patient Won Lottery Prize

Mister Foster was on his way to his final chemo course when he decided to stop and buy a lottery ticket. He spent $1 and won a ticket worth $5. Not a huge amount of money. He would have been happy with this but feeling lucky, decided to try again. He cashed in the $5 and bought some more tickets. Just as well he did, because cancer patient won lottery prize worth $200k, or around £160,000. While not a life-changing sum of money, Mr Foster can have a comfortable life while recovering from the disease.

The first ticket came back with nothing but the second ticket revealed a lot of zeros. Mr Foster said he “froze” but handed it to the shop manager for confirmation. When the machine said the player should contact the lottery organiser, he knew he had won a big prize. The US has a private medical insurance system. Some of the money will go towards costs not covered by his policy. The cancer patient won lottery prize big enough to cover this and to put enough money aside for a rainy day.

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