Edinburgh-Bound: Serious Organised Crime Prevention Project

When we think about the good lottery causes, so many things come up. For example, conservation and heritage; these benefit greatly from funds lottery players generate. Arts and museums of course. Local causes such as sensory gardens also feature, as do mental health and youth projects. Some of these are serious, but it gets even more serious. Lottery funds are vital to some causes. Now, a serious organised crime prevention project operating in Glasgow since 2013, will expand to Edinburgh. Called The Capital, it’s received nationwide praise for previous successes. It’s a project of Action For Children and this is its story.

Serious Organised Crime Prevention Project Rolls Out to Edinburgh

About The Serious Organised Crime Prevention Project

The Edinburgh expansion is only the start of a nationwide roll out following a successful trial in Glasgow. But how does the serious organised crime prevention project work? What does it do? It takes kids away from serious organised crime, giving them a place to go and presenting positive role models in the form of peers and mentors. The Glasgow pilot project found that of all children so far (around 70), less than 10% went on to get involved in serious crime. It’s helped social services, the Police and the city council save millions of pounds and resources while working with them.

Most importantly, the scheme empowers children, putting them at the heart of decisions about their lives. Action for Children’s lottery grant worth £4.6 million will help the project expand. First the serious organised crime prevention project will go to Edinburgh from the New Year. From the spring, it will expand further to Cardiff and Newcastle. Early intervention services have proven useful in a range of areas, particularly in crime. Now there is solid evidence that it works. In time, various authorities expect that this successful programme will go nationwide. Safer communities benefit everyone, and this programme makes everyone safer.

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