Cancer Patient Strikes Gold Twice

There is no contest between your or a loved one’s cancer going into remission and winning the lottery. The overwhelming majority of us would opt for our illness to simply go away. That was the wish for a Canadian woman called Diane Bishop. She has Stage 4 cancer meaning that the disease has spread to other parts of her body. The future looked dour for the cancer patient, but thank heaven for small mercies. In November, she won $1.5m CAD on the Atlantic Lottery (around £870,000). But that was not the end of her good luck.

cancer patient claims vital lottery win

Cancer Patient Run of Good Luck

The cancer patient had only just found out about her cancer going into remission when she won the lottery. The lottery win alone would have been a great boost to her family. It was large enough that Diane could give up work and focus on her health without money worries. The stress and anxiety is a secondary illness of cancer and one that the drugs cannot really treat. Most carry on working for as long as they can but for Diane Bishop, she can and will now give up work at the convenience store. She took the difficult decision to quit her job realising how difficult things were just about to become. Government support wasn’t enough to cover her mortgage.

The lottery win came at the right time for this cancer patient but the fight is not over by a long shot. Diane Bishop is now responding to treatment much to her and her family’s relief. But all the lottery money in the world will not beat it. Diane realises she needs to keep fighting as long as she can. With her family behind her and now a substantial lottery win to ease the financial burden, the future looks a little less bleak than it did just a few weeks before.

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