Canadian $10m Lottery Winners Prank Children

Big lottery jackpot winners often can’t wait to tell their nearest and dearest. Even though who request anonymity inform their closest upon winning. So spare a thought for the poor children of the Canadian couple who won $9.7m (around £6m). Instead of calling their children right away, they decided to let them find out on the news. The British Columbia lottery winners prank went global. They informed only their eldest child but decided to let the younger members find out through the news. When asked what their message would be during the broadcast, the joking wife replied “you’re still getting jobs” whereas the father responded “clean your rooms.”

Lottery Winners Prank Meant Children Found Out About Win on TV

Lottery Winners Prank Goes National

How Daniel and Kelly Schulli managed to keep it quiet for so long deserves a hat tip. They admitted to walking around the house with their children present giving each other knowing nods and winks. It may go down as the biggest prank in lottery story history. However, it is most likely not the first lottery winners prank or the last. The couple decided that their first purchase will be a new pick up truck. Their present truck is 20 years old and in need of replacement. Other than that, they have no major spend plans for the nearly $10m win. As for the children, will they get any of the money?

The lottery winners prank couple say yes, but it is important that the youngest members get jobs. The world of lottery news is filled with people spending the money as soon as they have it. Bankruptcy amongst lottery winners is high which is why many global lotteries offer counselling and investment advice regarding how to deal with such a big win. Coping with the sudden receipt of such a large amount of money can be stressful for some people.

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