Bored Lottery Winner Goes Back to Work

We all plan what to when when we win the lottery. For some, it is a chance to all the things we never thought we would. Things like travel the world, buy a big house and a prestige car. Most of us might give some away. One thing is certain though. Winning millions is an opportunity to give up work. That is exactly what most big winners do. Yet despite massive winnings, he hear stories of bored lottery winners not knowing exactly what to do next. Work gives people, if not purpose, then something on which to focus.


Adrian Bayford, one of the National Lottery’s most famous winners, recently reopened a memorabilia shop. Yet rather than sitting back and enjoying bringing in a little extra money and keeping himself focused, he has decided to go back to work in the shop. The story of the bored lottery winner going back to work is more common than you think. Having endless amounts of money means that you will often want for nothing. The sense of earning something or working towards it is a powerful part of the human psyche.

Bored Lottery Winner? Here Are Some Things To Keep Yourself Busy

  • Charity work: we have been conditioned to work. For many people, sitting around doing nothing is boring. Charity work is a great way to meet people, learn a new skill and help people in need.
  • Create something: Write a book, paint, sculpt, create pottery. Some of these things are time consuming and will take up many hours of your day. There will also be no pressure when you are doing it for yourself
  • Staycationing: Winning the lottery need not be an endless stream of sea cruises and foreign holidays. Hiring a camper van and driving the country seeing the sites, towns and cities can be fun and rewarding.

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