Warrenpoint Municipal Park Gets Money for Restoration

Heritage projects in Northern Ireland perhaps doesn’t get as much coverage as it ought to in the rest of the UK. Visitors are often wowed by the richness and depth of historical tourist sites. Now, one of County Down’s most important Edwardian landmarks is about to undergo a massive restoration project. It is all thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and players of the games. The Warrenpoint Municipal Park opened in 1906 and was a jewel in the crown for the area. It is still an attractive park drawing visitors but an ambitious project will see it fully restored.

the Warrenpoint Municipal Park in 1908

Today, it has a large selection of plants and shrubs surrounding the impressive bandstand. Like many of its contemporaries throughout the UK, a lack of care means that some of the historic features are under threat. Government cuts have also taken their toll and heritage projects are notable for being first for cuts. The local authority had a vision that the Warrenpoint Municipal Park would be put right back at the heart of the community. The £850,000 HLF grant will go some way to bringing that about. The bandstand will see restoration as well as other historic fabrics.

About the Warrenpoint Municipal Park Upgrades

At the time of opening, it was a roaring success. The bandstand, pavilion and park drew visitors from far and wide and was a pride of the community. The HLF money will restore the bandstand and convert the historic pavilion into an education centre for children and adults. Regular events and activities will promote the site and make it, once again, a big draw. Arguably, we have all undervalued our open spaces in recent years, but green spaces are good for tourism and good for our physical and mental well-being. Warrenpoint Municipal Park will once again wow crowds and draw visitors.

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