Aden Park Receives Lottery Cash Injection

Heritage is great for tourism. It is also great for local prestige and civic pride. This combination is an intoxicating mix for visitors and investors alike. That is why so many people get behind schemes to reinvigorate our local heritage here in the UK. It is also the reason the government saw fit to set aside lottery money for important heritage projects. The next recipient of lottery money for rejuvenation is Aden Park in North East Scotland. Recently, the HLF released information about a £149,500 injection as part of a £1.4m investment programme that will preserve the heritage of the site.

Aden Park visitor centre© Copyright Colin Smith and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

About Aden Park

The site has a children’s play area, picnic area and camp site. It has been used for leisure facilities for around 60 years. However, it is the heritage of Aden Park that will receive focus this time. Within the grounds are a ruined country house and a local farming museum. The family that owned the building abandoned it after WWII and removed the roof to avoid paying tax on a property in which they did not live. The imposing structure is made of granite but is little more than an exterior shell now.

The money will upgrade the existing facilities and take steps to promote the park’s biodiversity. Some of the money will go towards educational schemes. Outdoor classrooms and volunteer programmes are expected to put Aden Park at the centre of the local community. The authorities expect that more opportunities for volunteers will raise the profile of Aden Park and bring in more visitors from elsewhere in Scotland. In April, the visitor centre, exhibition and shop received a £25,000 cash boost to upgrade its facilities for future generations to enjoy. Given time, it could become one of the premier visitor sites in northeast Scotland.

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