$80m Lottery Winner Buying Houses for Family

Winning a major lottery prize means the winner can make most of their dreams come true. When that dream come true is that the family will want for very little in life, there are smiles all around. Recently in the US, a Native American grandfather to 21 grandchildren decided to treat everyone around him. He decided quickly that buying Houses for family members who don’t presently own one was the best way to make everyone’s lives easier. All seven children will benefit from their father’s generosity after he scooped $80m USD, or around £64m.

$80m winner buying houses for family with winnings

“I’m Buying Houses for Family” Says Lottery Winning Grandfather

Phillip Chippewa is just 54. Already feeling he has as much as he needs in life, he said he would buy comfortable new digs for all 7 children. They all live together on a Native American reservation in Michigan. At the award acceptance ceremony, he said he had never been financially rich, but felt wealthy with wonderful family. Buying houses for family members is the best way he can reward a happy life and 21 wonderful grandchildren. He acknowledged that he now has more money than he will ever need and determined to make the most of it.

While buying houses for family members was top of his thoughts, he reminisced that he almost never claimed the prize. In fact, he almost didn’t play that day. He left the tickets in his truck and forgot about them. He only discovered he was the winner after receiving a text message from his sister. It excitedly explained that the winning ticket sold not just nearby, but in the shop where Phillip always bought his ticket. The rest, as they say, is history. Yet the win came with a little disbelief when Phillip told his family he had won. Only when his son read the winning numbers, did the family accept it.

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