$5m Lottery Winner Found Out On Facebook

Social media is derided and loved in equal measure. Some people bemoan the lack of “social” while others thank it for making staying in touch far easier. It’s also a great source of news, an ideal place to learn about what’s going on in the world. Now, we’ve learnt that a lottery winner found out on Facebook about a substantial win. The unnamed Grand Rapids, Michigan resident bought a ticket for a draw on the 20th November. Like most players, it slipped to the back of her mind. It slipped so far back that she failed to check the tickets on the day of the draw. Only when she went on Facebook the next day did she learn of her win.

Winner Found Out On Facebook about a substantial lottery win

Michigan Lottery Winner Found Out On Facebook

Like many of us, the unnamed woman scrolled through Facebook looking for news. When she spotted that a resident in her county won a $5m (£3.75m) prize, she stopped. She read on, slack-jawed as not only did a county resident win the prize, the player bought the ticket at the same store where she always bought her tickets. Still doubting the evidence of her eyes, she checked her ticket. The winner found out on Facebook that her numbers were the winning numbers for the previous day’s draw.

The winner found out on Facebook she’d won a $5m prize. However, she rarely plays the lottery. She tends only to buy tickets when the jackpot hit $10m. Her chance paid off and she claimed the top prize. $5m is a substantial amount of money. The winner said she would pay off her debts and use some of the money to travel. It goes to show that social media has many uses. The player may eventually have found out about her win, but it was Facebook that did it.

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