£4.3m Lottery Winner Buys Ford Focus “For Insurance”

People react differently to winning a bumper lottery jackpot. A new car is usually on the cards, but the majority of us tend to think big. When we can afford a car we used to imagine was beyond us, it tends to jump straight to the top of the list. Not for James Couper after winning £4.3m on the Camelot Lotto. Instead of buying a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti or a Porsche, he chose something else. Winning an enormous sum was clearly no indication that he should buy expensive just because he can. There are few stories of lottery winner buys Ford Focus, but Couper is one.

Lottery Winner Buys Ford Focus

Lottery Winner Buys Ford Focus – Amuses Friends

While money may now seem no object for Mister Couper, he has no doubt learn of the many lottery winners who went before him. Bankruptcy following a big win is surprisingly high. Winners need guidance on how to spend it wisely or it will soon run out. Lottery winner buys Ford Focus is not quite the simple story it seems, however. James Couper has said he will not move but will take his family on holiday to Florida this year. Being careful and investing wisely is the key to making a success of a lottery win and making the money last more than a few years.

At the press conference, it was clear that Mister Couper was in a bit of a daze. In the cold light of day, he may even decide to spend a little more than this unusual purchase. It does show how people’s priorities differ when winning a lot of money. While some seek riches and want to live the high life, others simply want to live in comfort and let the money gather interest so that they never go short. It’s often a balancing act between an early retirement or a life full of luxury.

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