£1m Lottery Winner Will WORK Christmas Day

Few people like to work over the festive period unless earning double or triple time. Pub workers, prison officers and emergency services are the most obvious. However, we also need to spare a thought for care / nursing workers. Care home residents also need time and attention at Christmas. Yet one care home worker, despite winning the lottery earlier this month, has chosen to work Christmas Day. No doubt most of us will have given up such a low-paid and stressful job after a big win. For many care home workers, it is not about the money – but about helping people.

care home employee to work Christmas Day

Lottery Winner Choosing to Work Christmas Day

Patricia Aldridge works at a care home near her home in Slough. She won a £1m prize on the 9th December draw. On the 19th, the win was confirmed and she went public. But she was already down for a Christmas Day shift. Not wanting to leave her employers, colleagues and residents down, she decided to stick with her original plan. Mrs Aldridge will work Christmas Day as promised, completing her 0800-2000 shift. Speaking to the press later, Patricia said that she loved her job and had no intention of giving up work. Her husband Robert (a school Site Manager) said the same.

There are many reasons people continue to work after a big lottery win. For some, it’s about the interaction. They like their colleagues or customers and don’t want to let them down. In the case of care workers, they develop and share a special bond with residents. Not wanting to let down shift workers following a short-notice win also fuels some lottery winners. Ultimately, there is no pressure to give up work. We know that humans get mental well-being from remaining occupied. Eventually, most big lottery winners end up doing voluntary work or taking up a hobby.

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