14-Year Friends Syndicate Finally Wins Big!

Patience is a virtue: that little nugget of wisdom has driven many people to continue pursuing their dreams. It certainly applies to a friends syndicate who habitually played the Powerball in North Carolina for 14 years. The six friends rarely missed a week in that time. Just as well they did because finally, in early 2020, their luck came up trumps. They won an impressive $150,000 (£120,000). All from Holly Ridge in North Carolina, the lifelong friends decided to enter the state lottery some 14 years ago. This proves, once again, that syndicates are a great way to play.

A Friends Syndicate from North Carolina just won a big prize

How the Friends Syndicate Won $150k

They ended up with $17,691 each after the state claimed tax ($25k before). Unlike most European countries, lottery winners in the US pay tax on winnings. Naturally, they intend to keep playing as this isn’t a life-changing sum of money. Quoting, one of the players said the syndicate would go on until they “see that second comma” and they were not letting anyone else in their syndicate now they’d won. As to what they will do with the winnings, bills are the top priority and a holiday in a couple of cases. One said they were setting aside some cash to buy a new pool table.

The secret to their success was perseverance. Every year, people try to come up with ways of winning the lottery. The truth is, there is no system. If your numbers come up, they come up. Persistence in playing is the only way to even have a chance of winning and even then there is no guarantee. Sticking with the same numbers every week is a good idea in case a past number set comes up in the wrong week. Also, try going with a random selector because machines remove the unconscious bias in the human brain.

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