North Carolina Double Lottery Winner Gone Fishing

Winning a major lottery prize for a second time happens more often than you think. We come up against at least one every month. By now, you must know that the lottery has no memory. If you won last week, it doesn’t mean you won’t win again next week. The main reason it doesn’t happen as often is probably because most big winners simply stop playing. Those who don’t sometimes go on to win again. Take the North Carolina double lottery winner as a great example. In 2013, he won $200,000 USD (around £132,000 back then) before taxes. That was the top prize then.

North Carolina Double Lottery Winner will go fishing at the beach

North Carolina Double Lottery Winner 2013 and 2020

Undeterred, he carried on playing. Just as well, because in Feb 2020, he won again. Another top prize, Donald Hildebran’s most recent prize came in at a cool $250,000 before deductions. US winners pay tax on lottery winnings; he ended up with just over $176,000; that works out around £134,000. The North Carolina double lottery winner had just one thing on his mind following the win. When history repeats itself, players like Mr Hildebrand know exactly what to do with the money. When he won his first big prize in 2013, he planned a beach trip. He told reporters he would do the same again after receiving the money from this win too.

Most remarkably, the game on which he won (20X The Cash) launched that day. He won one of the five available $250k top prizes. Other prizes are 1* $100k, 8* $10k, and 25* $5k prizes. North Carolina double lottery winner is already planning a new vehicle to pay for it. He has his eye on a Ford Explorer already, travelling in relative luxury with his family. It has enough room to take his family and all the equipment he needs. When he gets there, he intends to go fishing – something he did with the previous big win.

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