£0.5m for Northern Ireland Culture and Heritage Projects

Think about some of our best-known and favourite landmarks. Most of us usually consider those on the mainland. Northern Ireland’s history doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Yet it contains many natural and cultural wonders and this poor awareness is something HLF now wants to change. At the beginning of May, it awarded £500,000 to Northern Ireland Culture and Heritage projects. Working together with Tourism NI and Department for Communities Historic Environment. It’s come at a great time and especially relevant for European Year of Cultural Heritage. The head of HLF for Northern Ireland was delighted. He explained it would provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase a forgotten part of the UK.

Northern Ireland Culture and Heritage

Northern Ireland Culture and Heritage at a Glance

HLF Northern Ireland has earmarked the following projects for the HLF Northern Ireland culture and heritage money:

  • First of all, the Irish Landmark Trust will receive around £56,000 to promote industrial maritime heritage surrounding Northern Ireland’s striking and vital lighthouses through podcasts, infographics and films
  • Walls Alive 400 will use digital technology to go in-depth and futuristic in wowing visitors about Derry’s city walls through augmented reality on their mobile devices
  • Belfast and the linen trade “Linenopolis” facilities will come together to create guided tours and exhibitions to demonstrate the city’s vital role in the industrial revolution
  • Sea Gods, Ship Wrecks and Sidhe folk – celebrating the remarkable Causeway Coast. It will present exhibitions and information on the coast and the shipwrecks as well as folklore
  • Industrial heritage projects across County Antrim and also the Causeway Coast
  • Digital storytelling focusing on the Lagan Navigation Route
  • The medieval castles and other buildings of Northern Ireland and why they feature so prominently in Game of Thrones
  • Improving the interactive experiences at multiple museums across the country
  • Examining historic graveyards and bringing their human stories to life (Aghalurcher; Old Cappagh, Drumragh and Cleenish Island)

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