Shock as Lottery Winner Left Ticket at Gas Station

A woman who misplaced her ticket where she bought it spoke of her relief on getting it back. It was just as well, because the lottery winner left ticket at the gas station where she bought it. Almost anybody could have picked it up. Luckily a store clerk found it and called her back. That made a great local interest story and once found, she couldn’t wait to tell the press about the kindness. Dawn Zendt, the 60-year-old winner, explained what happened. She stopped at the local gas station for fuel. When she went to pay , the clerk mentioned the high MegaMillions and Powerball jackpots for that week.

A woman Left Ticket at Gas Station - then won $1m

Left Ticket at Gas Station Then Went Back

She decided to take a chance and bought 10 tickets for each game. Yet she had left the store without taking the tickets when the clerk called her back to pick them up. All 20 tickets could have been left there, the winner left ticket at gas station could easily have been swiped. Thankfully, this was not the case. She didn’t get very far and she was able to take the tickets home. The day after the draw, Dawn checked her tickets and found she was a lucky $1m winner.

Our lucky winner who left ticket at gas station just after she bought them claimed the prize a couple of days later. The couple were excited about their win. For the time being, they both intend to continue working safe in the knowledge of an easy retirement. At the winner’s reception, Dawn said she was “all said” to retire in a few years. That’s the kind of confidence and relaxation that a lottery winner can enjoy, even with a relatively modest prize of $1m. the MegaMillions and Powerball regularly have top prizes worth tens of millions.

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