With Car Running on Empty, Man Wins the Lottery!

We’ve all been in that situation – driving somewhere, realising we have a car running on empty; The sudden need to fill up means we have no choice. How many of us would think about using that fuel stop to buy a lottery ticket? Most of us, probably. A man from a place called Taylors near Greenville in South Carolina did just that. According to the unnamed man’s wife, he always forgets to refuel; has come perilously close to running out on many occasions. Thankfully he did not this time, pulling in just in time. he decided to buy a scratchcard ticket while at the pump.

Car Running on Empty, Man wins Lottery

Car Running on Empty – What Happened Next?

He pulled in at the Corner Mart in Greer, refuelled and then headed into the store to pay. Pushing his luck with a car running on empty, he decided to try his luck again. Just as well he did, because our unnamed player won $1m USD, around £800,000. Joking at the interview later, his wife said she would never put fuel in the car again, referring to the husband’s newfound wealth. Although with a newly-planned trip to Disney World, they will need to do that a few times on the trip.

As for what they will do with the rest of the money, they were not clear. For most people, a few luxuries are usually balanced against paying off debts, a new house or a new home. With a car running on empty, we guess the family was pleased about the husband’s forgetfulness. Petrol stations are a popular place for Americans to buy tickets, just as they are over here. We’ve featured countless stories of people buying tickets from “gas stations“. In some cases, the players were almost out of fuel and trying their luck a second time.

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