Wedding Lottery Winner Claims Anniversary Prize

A wedding is supposed the best day of your life. In the majority of cases, it is. But for one American woman, it was even better. Three days before the marriage in October 2018, Genia Harrell won $50,000 (around £35,000). Not only did that pay for the wedding, they had money left over too. $50,000 is a lot of money to start a new life and they spent some and save the rest. Yet the wedding lottery winner celebrated again a year later. Not just because their marriage was a year old, but because the couple won again. This time, and on a different game, they won $5,000 (around £3,500).

Wedding Lottery Winner

About the Wedding Lottery Winner

Harrell said she had a strange feeling of deja vous when buying the ticket. Unable to believe her luck, or the coincidental timing, she initially did not believe it. The wedding lottery winner looked over the ticket four times. Only then did she breath a sight of relief that the win was genuine. Mrs Harrell then called her husband to give him the good news. They took it as a sign that their marriage is meant to be. They celebrated their paper anniversary with a pleasant evening and $5,000 richer. How much of a coincidence is it to win twice on significant dates? Actually…

Many people read meaning into multiple lottery wins – especially when they come on significant dates. It’s understandable that a wedding lottery winner who also wins on a significant anniversary will attach meaning to it. Yet with millions of people playing daily, such events are inevitable and not all that rare. Whatever you do and however you play, have fun. No doubt you have had wins that come at significant times too. We will be here to bring more fascinating and wonderful stories from lottery winners around the world.

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